Hotel with Full Enjoyment of Onsen

Since three hotels of Hanamaki Onsen are connected in one building, guests who stay at one of the hotels are allowed to use the bath facilities of all three hotels. An open-air bath with rocks, an open-air hinoki cypress bath, and a rose bath for women – there are plenty of choices to make your Onsen experience unforgettable!

Strolling in the park

Onsen in a natural park
You can wander around and enjoy the natural surroundings of the Onsen: cherry trees, rose gardens, waterfalls, shrines, and snowy landscapes in winter.
Whenever you visit, there will be something breathtaking to see or photograph!

Eat at three different hotels!

One of Hanamaki Onsen’s characteristics is the abundance of dining options. Regardless of the hotel at which you are actually staying, you can try the buffets or restaurants of the other two and enjoy numerous dishes, all equally delicious!

Free entertainment

Every day, there’s a different traditional show or performance in the evening, free of charge!

Hanamaki Onsen is Easily Accessible

With a highway interchange, a train station and an airport nearby, Hanamaki Onsen is conveniently located. Furthermore, it is a good starting point for Iwate Prefecture’s sightseeing spots such as Sanriku and Hiraizumi, as well as the attractions of the Tohoku region of northeastern Japan in general.
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Hanamaki Onsen
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