Welcome to Hanamaki Onsen,
nestled in Grand Nature

It is surrounded by abundance of nature and consisted
of four
Japanese style hotels.
Outdoor baths,
and many places of interest,

the best rose garden in
Iwate and a flower bed
with a sun
clock designed by Kenji Miyazawa!

Charm of Hanamaki Onsen#01

Hot Springs

Try all hot springs, including outdoor baths made of rocks and Japanese cypress , as well as the rose bath for women-only. Repeat taking a dip in your favorite one. Enjoy hot spring hopping however you like.

  • Outdoor bathOutdoor bath
  • Rose bathRose bath

Charm of Hanamaki Onsen#02


Iwate is blessed with abundant food from the sea, villages, and mountains throughout the year. A variety of dishes at Hanamaki Onsen are made by lavishly using nutritious ingredients. Every one of them brings out the most of each ingredient and satisfies the five senses.

  • BuffetBuffet
  • BreakfastBreakfast

Charm of Hanamaki Onsen#03


Various rooms are available at Hanamaki Onsen. Whether you’re traveling as a couple, with a family, or on business, you can select different types of rooms that suits of your purpose You can go anywhere within the facility in yukata (informal kimono worn in summer or after bathing) and spend your time leisurely.

Non-smoking rooms and smoking rooms are available.

  • Non-smoking rooms
  • Non-smoking rooms

Charm of Hanamaki Onsen#04

Tourist destinations/places of interest accessible on foot

“Rose Garden” With blooming roses from around the world.“Kamabuchi no Taki Fall” Perfect place to take a walk.“Hanamaki Onsen Inari Shrine” Photo & Spiritual hot spot.“Specialty Store for Nambu Tekki Ironware” The renowned traditional artifact of Iwate.“Hanamaki Onsen’s Specialty Anpan (sweet bun filled with red bean paste)”From onsen bakery.“Ramen Sakaba (bar)” Place to go after drinking.”Tsuruha Drug (Duty Free Shop)” conveniently located within the grounds of the facility.

Rose GardenRose Garden

Kamabuchi no Taki FallKamabuchi no Taki Fall

Hanamaki Onsen Inari ShrineHanamaki Onsen Inari Shrine

Nambu Tekki Ironware Specialty StoreNambu Tekki Ironware Specialty Store

Onsen BakeryOnsen Bakery

Ramen SakabaRamen Sakaba

Tsuruha Drug Hanamaki Onsen StoreTsuruha Drug Hanamaki Onsen Store


Hanamaki Onsen

Hanamaki Onsen

1-125 Yumoto, Hanamaki-shi, Iwate

Hanamaki Hot Spring Village

Narita International

  • Tokyo Station
    • JR Tohoku
    • Morioka Station
    • Hanamaki Station
    • JR Tohoku
    • Shin-Hanamaki

Hanamaki Hot Spring Village Hanamaki Onsen


  • Tokyo Station
    • JR Tohoku Shinkansen
    • Morioka Station
    • Hanamaki Station
    • JR Tohoku
    • Shin-Hanamaki Station

Hanamaki Hot Spring Village Hanamaki Onsen


  • Sendai Airport
    Access Line
  • Sendai Station
    • Expressway
      Bus Kenji
    • JR Tohoku
    • Shin-

Hanamaki Hot Spring Village Hanamaki Onsen

Iwate Hanamaki

  • Taxi about 15 minutes

Hanamaki Hot Spring Village Hanamaki Onsen

Hotel Information

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi

  • Credit card

    Credit card

  • >Non-smoking rooms

    Non-smoking rooms

  • Coin-operated Laundry

    Coin-operated Laundry

  • Souvenir Shop

    Souvenir Shop

  • Courier Service

    Courier Service

Check-in 15:00 (Latest check-in time 19:00)
Check-out 10:00
Parking Lot 600 spaces, free of charge
Facilities & Equipment Restaurant、Lounge、Bar、Karaoke Room、Multipurpose Room、Banquet Hall、Conference Room、Wedding Hall、
Large Public Bath、Sauna、Outdoor bath、Non-Smoking Room、Shop、Vending Machines、Spa、Coin-operated Laundry、
Game Arcade、Ping-Pong Tables、Shuttle Bus、PC available for use、Fax machine available for use、Massage Service、
Wake-up Call、Courier Service
Credit card VISA、JCB、American Express、Diner's Club、Master Card

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